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Updated on: 2/12/2024

15 Best Sources of Free Vector Illustrations for Commercial Use

Vector illustrations are essential assets for various design and creative projects. In digital marketing, web design, and content creation, plays a significant role in conveying messages and getting people interested. But, finding good quality Illustrations for Commercial use projects without spending much money can be challenging.

The good news is that numerous sources offer free vector illustration images for commercial projects.

In this article, we will explore the 15 best sources of free illustrations for commercial use without attribution and a complete guide to boost your creative works seamlessly.

Why Vector Illustration?

Why Vector Illustration?

Vector illustrations are a specific type of digital graphic created using shapes, lines, and colours. Unlike raster graphics (such as JPEG or PNG images), vector illustrations are not made up of individual pixels. Instead, they comprise paths and curves that can be infinitely scaled and resized without losing quality. This ability to grow makes vector illustrations ideal for various design applications, including logos, icons, infographics, and more.

The Important characteristics of illustrations include:

  • Scalable: Vector illustrations can be resized to any dimension without losing clarity or introducing pixelation. It is highly versatile and suitable for both small icons and large banners.
  • Resolution Independence: Since vector graphics are not pixel-based, you can print them at high resolutions for physical media, such as posters, business cards, and billboards.
  • Smooth Lines and Shapes: Vector illustrations are known for their soft and precise lines, contributing to a clean and professional appearance.
  • Editable: Vector graphics are editable, allowing you to make changes to colours, shapes, and other attributes easily.
  • Small File Sizes: Vector files are typically smaller than their raster counterparts, which can be advantageous for web design and storage.

There are good sources of free illustrations, allowing individuals and businesses to access a wide range of high-quality graphics without incurring expenses or legal issues. 

But before going through sources, let’s explore the essential terms associated with free illustrations for commercial usage (e.g., copyright-free, no attribution). That will help you understand the licensing and usage requirements. Allowing you to make informed and responsible decisions when using these resources.

Terms Associated with Free Illustrations for Commercial Use 

When looking for free illustrations for commercial use, understanding the various terms and conditions is essential. Please familiarize yourself with the crucial terms of these free illustrations to use them effectively.

Here’s a quick overview of the terms associated:

  1. Copyright-Free Illustrations: Copyright-free illustrations are graphics not subject to copyright protection or have copyright licenses that permit unrestricted usage. You can use them in your commercial projects without any legal constraints.
  2. No Attribution: Some free illustrations have a “no attribution” requirement. You are not bound to give credit to the creator when using their work in your projects. 
  3. Public Domain: Illustrations in the public domain are not protected by copyright and are freely available for anyone to use for any purpose, including commercial projects. They do not require attribution, making them a convenient choice.

Benefits of Using Free Illustration 

Benefits of Using Free Illustration 

Graphic designers and talented artists typically create free stock illustrations, offering valuable visual resources for commercial projects without incurring costs.

They offer several benefits for those in need of eye-catching visuals for their commercial projects:

  • Cost-Effective: Free stock illustrations are, as the name suggests, free. This cost-effective quality benefits individuals and small businesses with limited budgets.
  • High Quality: Many free stock illustrations are created by expert graphic designers, ensuring quality is often required with paid alternatives. These illustrations can enhance the visual appeal of your projects and help you stand out.
  • Diverse Selection: You can find many themes and styles of free stock illustrations. This variety ensures you discover the perfect example that suits your project’s message and tone.
  • Time-Saving: Searching for or creating custom illustrations from scratch can be time-consuming. Free stock illustrations offer a quick and convenient solution.
  • Legal Compliance: As long as you stick to the licensing terms, you can use free stock illustrations in your commercial work without worrying about copyright infringement or legal complications.

Where to Find Free Illustrations for Commercial Use

Free illustration for Commercial Use

Finding free vector illustrations for commercial use can significantly benefit your projects. Here are some reliable sources where you can find a wide variety of vector illustrations without any cost:

Unsplash — A Treasure of Creativity

Unsplash — A Treasure of Creativity

Unsplash, well-known for its extensive library of free stock photos, also provides an impressive collection of vector illustrations. It is famous for its free images but also has a great collection of vector illustrations for commercial use.

From conceptual designs to detailed graphics, it’s a valuable resource for designers and content creators looking for visually unique components for their commercial projects.

You can find a variety of vector graphics, from simple designs to detailed illustrations.

Download Now

Pixabay – Free illustrations

Pixabay - Free illustrations

Pixabay, another popular source, offers many high-quality vector illustrations. Whether your project demands simplicity or complexity, you’ll find suitable graphics here that can seamlessly integrate into your commercial work.

It has a collection of over 560,000+ beautiful free illustrations shared by our talented community for download & inspiration. Find your perfect royalty-free illustration for your next project.

Illustrations at Pixabay are Royalty-free and No attribution is required for personal and commercial use.

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Freepik — Premium and Free, All in One

Freepik — Premium and Free, All in One

Freepik, renowned for its premium content, provides a substantial collection of free vector illustrations for commercial use. Their user-friendly interface allows you to search by category or keyword, ensuring you find the perfect image to enhance your project’s visual appeal.

Find and download the most popular high-quality Illustrations Vectors on Freepik for free for commercial use.

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VectorStock – Royalty-free vector illustration

VectorStock - Royalty-free vector illustration

Vector4Free is a user-friendly website offering various free vector illustrations for commercial use. Many of these illustrations come with a “no attribution required” license, granting you the freedom to use them in your projects without the hassle of giving credit to the creator.

Download now to enhance your website…

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Vecteezy  – Quality and Variety

Vecteezy  - Quality and Variety

Vecteezy is a vibrant community of vector artists and designers. offering a decent collection of free vector illustrations for commercial use. You can conveniently find illustrations that align with your project’s theme and style, often with no attribution requirements.

It provides a hassle-free experience for users seeking high-quality graphics for commercial purposes.

Download free illustrations, patterns, icons, and more.

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SVGRepo — Scalable and Customizable

SVGRepo — Scalable and Customizable

SVGRepo specializes in scalable vector graphics (SVG) files. These vector illustrations are available for free and are suitable for a wide range of design projects. With over 500,000 open-licensed SVG vector illustrations and icons, it’s a gem for designers.

Easily explore and download high-quality illustrations suitable for a variety of design needs. Their ability to grow and ease of customization make them a valuable resource for your commercial projects.

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Lucasz Adam â€“ Free SVG Illustrations For Website

Lucasz Adam - Free SVG Illustrations For Website

Enhance your designs effortlessly with Lucasz Adam’s collection of Free SVG Illustrations for websites. Transform your visual appeal, attract more visitors, and boost conversions with these custom-made SVG illustrations.

The best part? They are free for both commercial and personal use, licensed under CC0 (MIT license), making them a hassle-free addition to your creative collection.

No attribution is required—just pure design enhancement. Download now and elevate your projects!

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ManyPixels - Illustrations for Commercial Use

Explore ManyPixels Design Gallery for 7,500+ free illustrations to level up your designs. These illustrations are not only visually stunning but also free for commercial use.

It’s your go-to solution for free-to-use clip art images and vector illustrations that add glow to your projects. Elevate your designs effortlessly with ManyPixels.

Explore and Download Now to enhance your commercial projects!

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Vector Portal –  free vector illustrations

Vector Portal -  free vector illustrations

Vector Portal is another good resource for free illustrations for commercial use. Trusted by Forbes and Wired, it offers a diverse collection—from icons to mythical creatures.

Enhance your projects effortlessly with VectorPortal’s quality and versatility of illustrations.

Explore and download a unique illustration for your projects.

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unDraw – Open-source illustrations

unDraw - Open-source illustrations 

unDraw is another open-source illustration resource that brings creativity to commercial projects. With constantly updated, beautiful SVG images, it’s a design project that’s both free and hassle-free. Elevate your websites, products, and applications effortlessly by customizing colours to match your brand.

No attribution is needed—just pure creative magic for your projects!

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Paper Illustrations

Paper Illustrations

Upgrade your projects with Paper Illustrations – a stunning collection that’s both free and versatile. With 20 ready-to-use illustrations, they’re perfect for personal or commercial use. Carefully crafted to fit various categories, these illustrations seamlessly integrate into your design, whether it’s a landing page, user onboarding, or mobile apps.

Explore Now to add a touch of beauty effortlessly with Paper Illustrations and make your work stand out.

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OpenClipart — Truly Open Source

OpenClipart — Truly Open Source

OpenClipart actively serves as an open-source platform offering a vast collection of vector clipart. All vector illustrations available here are actively in the public domain, ensuring that users can freely use them in their commercial work without any restrictions. OpenClipart actively adopts the principles of open-source collaboration and ease of access.

Download Now to create amazing projects with open-source illustrations.

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Public Domain Vectors – Royalty-free Graphics

Public Domain Vectors - Royalty-free Graphics

Public Domain Vectors is another valuable resource with a vast library of vector illustrations that are suitable for commercial projects. These illustrations can be used without any copyright concerns. It offers over 70,000 vector images consisting of different popular categories.

It has a wide range of graphics, including icons, backgrounds, and complex illustrations, all accessible without any copyright concerns.

Download now and use it in your commercial projects…

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Vector4Free — No Attribution Required

Vector4Free — No Attribution Required

Vector4Free is a user-friendly website offering various free vector illustrations for commercial use. Many of these illustrations come with a “no attribution required” license, giving you the freedom to use them in your projects without the hassle of crediting the creator.

Whether you’re a designer, entrepreneur, or content creator, Vector4Free offers a convenient and accessible resource for upgrading your visual content. 

Explore the world of creativity with Vector4Free and download free vector illustrations for your commercial projects.

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Stockio – Download Free Vectors

Stockio - Download Free Vectors

Stockio is another good resource for downloading high-quality vectors at no cost. With a commitment to providing free resources, Stockio offers a diverse range of vector illustrations suitable for various projects.

Whether you’re working on web design, presentations, or any creative endeavour, Stockio’s collection covers a wide range of styles. The vectors are not only visually appealing but also come with the convenience of being free for commercial use. This means you can enhance your projects without worrying about licensing fees or usage restrictions.

Explore and download free vector illustrations with Stockio and bring your creative ideas.

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In this article, we’ve explored the world of free illustrations for commercial use and the variety of resources available to enhance your website and projects. And the benefits of using free illustrations for commercial purposes. 

As we conclude, we encourage you to explore and utilize the valuable resources of free illustrations in your commercial projects. 

You don’t have to worry about breaking your budget or dealing with copyright issues when it comes to adding beautiful vector illustrations to your creative projects. The best 15 platforms and websites listed in this article offer an extensive variety of illustrations, suitable for a wide range of design applications.

So, go ahead and explore free illustrations for your commercial use. Unlock your creativity, enhance your brand, and achieve your goals with these valuable visuals.

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