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Updated on: 9/1/2021

40+ Best Websites to Download Free SVG Illustrations

These days content marketing has become an incumbent part of a business, and illustrations interpret the idea way faster than words. A writer expresses the goal of an article in words that are to the point, and focus on finding an illustration that highlights the goal. This way, an idea is brought to a viable audience without any missing pieces.

In another situation, you might be someone who’s developing a web or mobile phone application. You’ll obviously need icons and images for the UI of the project. It’s not always possible for you to design your own icons and images that’s known to take up a huge chunk from your limited time. That’s, in fact, a redundant work.

Solution: Plethora of free illustrations that are available for you to download (and allowed to use for commercial projects).

Where to download free illustrations?

Well, we do not have the freedom of typing in keywords on Google and pluck a picture that appeals from the wide collection of search results. Especially, when you are on a task that brings in money. Your content would have violated the copyright of the picture.

Worry not yet. We have got a list of sites where you can download pictures without the concern of copyright infringement.

Here we compiled a list of best websites that provide free illustrations for designers, developers and content creators in my different formats such as – SVG, PNG and others.



Undraw is most popular and one of the rare platforms where you will be directly thrown into the image collections without having to navigate here and there to finally get to the actual images you want.

The site is minimalistic, and you can pick a color for the images that suit your brand identity. There is not much to explain about this site. All you got to do is to just explore, and download.



This site provides on-demand service for getting the customized design you want by paying a small monthly fee. This is not just it. They also have a collection of royalty-free images that are updated frequently, and they give you full freedom to use it commercially.


Absurd Design

This is the most interesting site in this list. Everything about this site is imperfect, and that’s what makes it more interesting.

Absurd design, as the name implies, has a collection of weird illustrations that have an inspiring aura to them. They are like doodles that make no sense, still capable of adding value to the platform they have been used at.
They have both free, and premium membership plan. We don’t say that everything on the site is free. There are limitations. You just have to visit to learn more about them.



This is another interesting site that focuses on the illustrations of people. You just imagine a situation, an ambiance you want to produce in your article, you’d surely get an appropriate image in this site. You could relate to people more with these illustrations.



Drawkit has an interesting collection of customizable SVGs and provides free license to use them commercially. They have both free and paid illustrations. Apart from that, they also provide custom illustrations as per your need at an affordable price.



This is an illustration project by icons8, specially designed for different types of app screens and pages. They have classified illustration in may different categories from 404 to eCommerce they have something for everyone.


IRA Design

IRA design illustration is little different than any other illustration sites, they have plenty of options to customize before downloading the illustrations. You can choose a specific gradient from their site and customize before downloading, all of their illustrations are gradient-based and categorized into different categories.



This open-source illustration/vector library created by an independent designer named Lukaszadam, he designed and hosted these on his site and made open for all. Means, you can do anything you want with his illustrations, no email or registration required, just download and do whatever you want.



Illustratious offers free hi-res royalty free illustrations, suited for websites and applications. The awesome thing about illustratious is their open license, you can use the illustrations in your personal and commercial projects without having to ask their permission. Website is very self explanatory, just explore and download the illustrations.



The reason that this is last on this list is that FreePik is quite famous. It doesn’t require an introduction for people who are in this job for a while.
It is a repository of a huge collection of free and premium images, SVG, and PSDs. There are some big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Spotify use resources from this site that stand as solid proof for the popularity of this site.


Iconscout is a free illustration for commercial use, website design, and vectors. This royalty-free illustration can download in PNG, SVG, EPS, AI, and other forms. With some small elements, this illustration is turning simple icons into dynamic shapes. Illustrations that allow an established brand with a strong message are gaining popularity among companies. These illustrations have grown such a distinct trend in web design spheres by contributing ingrained adaptability. With a single illustration, your product and service will deliver without any paragraph around them.


Freevector comes with all the essential elements that you are gonna need for searching. This free illustration has logos, illustration vectors, icon sets, and categories to initiate exploring more comfortably. Also, Freevector has a vast collection of graphics where you can choose from approximately 16,000 graphics. Moreover, With just a snap you can easily sign up via Facebook. Here Freevector will provide you with a flat, 3D, bold, and cartoon-style vector.

Streamline Icons

Streamline Icons comes with a huge collection of over 780 free vector emojis. Either download them all or browse to look out for your favorite one. Also, this illustration comes with 3000 vector illustrations for your websites, apps, marketing, and print materials. From bold glyphs to minimalist, geometric designs, Streamline Icons has everything. In three weights: light, regular, and bold, Streamline icons vecto0r illustrations can download.

ITG Digital

ITG Digital is a true gem for free illustration with an amazing collection of illustrations. Here you can search elements according to your needs, browse them or download as your wish. Discover your illustration and customize it with your desired design. You can style your illustration, modify the elements, and use color to make it your brand. After customization, you can download the illustration in JPEG, PNG, or SVG format. ITG Digital has three different plans like free, monthly, and yearly. For free subscribers, this illustration has 100 items in JPEG format.


OpenDoodles comes with a vast collection of free illustrations for any personal or commercial use. These hand-drawn illustrations can download in any format like SVG or PNG and even GIF. Using the generator, you can modify the colors of the illustrations. You can adjust the colors or use the pre-created colors on your own. Moreover, you can download the whole collection not just any particular item.


Isometric website is a free and fully customizable isometric illustration. This free site has almost every product for different types of projects. These products are published under an MIT license so use them without including attribution. Products can be download in both SVG and PNG files and it’s all free. Sergei has created all of the illustrations of this website who is a UI designer and illustrator.

Get Illustrations

Get Illustrations is a free illustration library that has specialized descriptions and information regarding the file type, the license, and the editing programs the file is compatible with. You will find something new each day as they constantly update the content. First, create an account, and then you can download products. If you want to customize any illustration, you can’t do it with the free version. All you can do is ask them to make something that will be suitable for your project.


Woobro is a free illustration that comes with unique vector designs for commercial projects. All of the illustrations of this site are specially created for helping in every phase of your website. These illustrations can be downloaded in several formats like SVG, Sketch, AI, and PNG formats. Also, Woobro has given the facility to its users to use these illustrations for personal and commercial projects. Additionally, you can also make the artist happy to give credit by mentioning it on this website.

Fresh Folk

Fresh Folk is a free illustration site that has lots of interesting illustrations with unique ideas. Here you can use your imaginations to customize your character, backgrounds, and objects. Also, users can use these illustrations for commercial and personal use. Leni Kauffman, an American Japanese illustrator has built this amazing illustration library of people and objects. You can change each character’s pose, outfit, and skin tone with the mix and match. Moreover, Fresh Folk comes with 43 objects to create a wide range of scenes.


Control is a free illustration website that comes with a huge library of amazing illustrations. Here you can choose between several styles and action types. Also, it provided a customization facility so you can customize these illustrations with your imagination just like you want. Moreover, Control has a set of 108 excellent illustrations to assist you to build unique scenes for your landing pages. Additionally, this illustrational site has 18 characters with 3 scenes and 2 different styles. So, create a scene according to your style actions by using the constructor.

Karthik Srinivas

Karthik Srinivas is an illustrator designer who designed high-quality stunning illustrations build on different themes. He mainly designed these illustrations for web app design projects but all these illustrations are not free. The set he builds comes with 16 handcrafted illustrations for personal and commercial projects. Moreover, this amazing set has categories like 404 error, no internet connection, no service, fatal error, page not found, something went wrong, under construction, and many more.


The illustration is an open-source illustrations kit of modern flat style colorful illustrations. This free kit is available to download in PNG format. This kit comes with a library of 100 awesome illustrations during 100 days of illustration challenge. Moreover, these free illustrations are free to use in your next project like landing pages, mobile app, or presentations. Additionally, illustrations have a premium plan too with more awesome illustrations and facilities. Mainly, this website is for concepts like online learning, delivery services, stay at home, contact us, and many more.


Avataaars is a free avatar illustrational site that covered almost every avatar illustration. Here, this site has dozens of ready-made avatars with mix and match opportunities. So you can easily mix and match different elements to create new designs. Change the clothes, hair, emotions, accessories, and colors according to your choice. The supremely talented Pablo Stanley has designed this amazing avatar illustrational site. Also, You can use Avataaars for your personal and commercial use.


Delesign is well known graphic design company that offers its clients unlimited custom designs and stop-motion graphics. Lately, Delesign comes with a collection of free customizable illustrations and templates. Those illustrations are comparable with the illustrations of unDraw. Both can customize the main vector art color before downloading each image. Delesign’s illustrational designs are available in both SVG or PNG format. Here you do not need to attribute the website. You can use these designs completely free for whatever you like.


Scribbbles is a free vector illustrational site that comes with all the essential elements that you are gonna need to spice up your designs. This free illustration has 100+ vectorized scribbbles illustration vectors, a customization system, and categories to initiate exploring more comfortably. Also, Scribbbles is used by some of the most renowned companies like inVision, freelancer, J.P.Morgan, Verizon, and LegalZoom. Moreover, with just a snap you can change the size, color of the illustrations.


Isometriclove is a free site for beautiful isometric objects. This free site has almost every object for different types of projects. These objects are for non-commercial projects with an attribute link. You can design isometric illustrations using 180 pre-defined objects. Also, you can use these 3D objects that are pre-rendered in any of your designs. Moreover, You are gonna need to enable JavaScript to run this app.


Smash is an excellent illustration constructor including colorful and stylish characters. This illustration is free for commercial or personal use. Allow your invention to move free with 250+ illustrations to build different displays. By evolving and flapping them, you can instantly illustrate an impression of your startup. Take the chance to create your characters utilizing the generator. Also, Select your person any way you want by applying ready elements and styles for your character. Moreover, Utilize your creativity to form your perfect human. Smash is effortless to use in Sign In, Sign Up & Walkthrough Screens. These illustrations are excellent for web and mobile projects. Draw your design to the next level with Smash. Build an awesome design with Smash illustrations to get more the notice of the users.


Bottts is a free illustrational site in Sketch App with a free library. Mix & Match Robots with the Sketch library and design your very own illustrations. Here, this site has dozens of ready-made robot illustrations with mix and match opportunities. So you can easily mix and match different elements to create new designs. Also, you can combine frames, antennas, sensors, accessories, and colors according to your choice. The supremely talented Pablo Stanley has designed this amazing avatar illustrational site. Also, You can use Bottts for your personal and commercial use.


Phonies is a free vector illustrations site that comes with stylish illustrations. This site has a set of 8 simple, black & white, stylish vector illustrations for landing pages, mobile screens, and other editorial purposes. These illustrations can download into AI, SVG, PNG, and PDF formats. So use these vector illustrations on your upcoming project.


Abstrakt is a free abstract illustrations site that has lots of illustrations for your upcoming project. The library of this site comes with some of the latest illustrations with a free download facility. Also, you can purchase the premium package for more abstract illustrations. You can easily use these illustrations in your next project without any hesitation.

Kapwing 404 Illustrations

404 Illustrations is a free illustrational website for your upcoming 404 projects. This amazing site comes with trendy, ready-to-use images for your 404 pages. Here, you will get so many options to choose from and all these are free. Kapwing’s team made this beautiful 404 illustrational site.

404 Illustrations

404 Illustrations is a free illustrational website for your upcoming 404 projects. This amazing site comes with trendy, ready-to-use images for your 404 pages. Here, you will get so many options to choose from and all these are free. Also, this site’s illustrations come with royalty-free illustrations for pages. To create a different journey through 404 error pages on your website, apply these illustrations that explain better than words.

Black Illustrations

Black Illustrations is a free illustration site that is made with black people. You can use these beautiful illustrations of Black people for your next digital project. Whether it’s your websites or web applications or mobile apps, this site made illustrations to be used anywhere and everywhere. Black Illustrations are welcoming you to a future of inclusion. Many big and renowned websites like web-flow, Airbnb, and Google are using Black Illustrations.


Blush is a free illustrations site that helps you to tell your story with illustrations. This beautiful illustrational site comes with amazing illustrations with new collections for everyone. Now you can easily build and customize stunning illustrations with collections made by artists across the globe. Choose a style from the collection, customize the art according to your story, and use it on your design. Also, you can download these illustrations in a PNG or SVG format of your creation and practice them on your web app, presentation, or any project you want to bring to life.


Pof-Pof is a free illustration site that comes with an inspirational pack of illustrations for your projects in the most popular UI subjects. You can use this pack of illustrations for any kind of project from websites to applications. Pof-Pof is an illustration Kit that comes with a beautiful and colorful illustration set.

Pulse Illustration Kit

Pulse Illustration Kit is a free illustrations site for your upcoming project. This site has a huge collection of illustrations with new facilities. Pulse illustrations come with 103 illustrations in a kit, 20 Ready to use scenes, and 2 unique characters in 7 positions each. This illustration site’s illustrations are modern and minimal in style and you can combine and create new scenes. You can download these fully vector illustrations from AI, SVG, Figma, Sketch, PNG sources and they are easy to Edit.


GEE! ME is a free illustration set that comes with a vast collection. The set of GEE ME comes with flat graphics required, 100 cartoon characters, and over 400 coolest objects. So, you can apply it either in design or development projects. All these are completely free and now you download them and just enjoy them.


FreeIllustrations is a free illustration of background images for your new project. You can download it all for free for your awesome landing pages. This site comes with a collection of high-resolution vector or illustrations background images for modern websites and landing pages. also, FreeIllustrations is refreshed every week with new illustrations with various topics. Moreover, You can contact them to propose innovative topics for illustration background images as per your requirement.

Self Space

Self Space Illustrations is a free illustration site for building an amazing presentation for your next project. With this site, you can easily express yourself. This site comes with 20 pretty illustrations, 10 templates for your next product. The illustrations are fully vector, editable, scalable, and have fresh color. You can download these illustrations in Sketch, SVG, Ai, PNG, and Figma format.

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