Best Websites to Download Free SVG Illustrations

These days content marketing has become an incumbent part of a business, and illustrations interpret the idea way faster than words. A writer expresses the goal of an article in words that are to the point, and focus on finding an illustration that highlights the goal. This way, an idea is brought to a viable audience without any missing pieces.

In another situation, you might be someone who’s developing a web or mobile phone application. You’ll obviously need icons and images for the UI of the project. It’s not always possible for you to design your own icons and images that’s known to take up a huge chunk from your limited time. That’s, in fact, a redundant work.

Solution: Plethora of free illustrations that are available for you to download (and allowed to use for commercial projects).

Where to download free illustrations?

Well, we do not have the freedom of typing in keywords on Google and pluck a picture that appeals from the wide collection of search results. Especially, when you are on a task that brings in money. Your content would have violated the copyright of the picture.

Worry not yet. We have got a list of sites where you can download pictures without the concern of copyright infringement.

Here we compiled a list of best websites that provide free illustrations for designers, developers and content creators in my different formats such as – SVG, PNG and others.



Undraw is most popular and one of the rare platforms where you will be directly thrown into the image collections without having to navigate here and there to finally get to the actual images you want.

The site is minimalistic, and you can pick a color for the images that suit your brand identity. There is not much to explain about this site. All you got to do is to just explore, and download.



This site provides on-demand service for getting the customized design you want by paying a small monthly fee. This is not just it. They also have a collection of royalty-free images that are updated frequently, and they give you full freedom to use it commercially.


Absurd Design

This is the most interesting site in this list. Everything about this site is imperfect, and that’s what makes it more interesting.

Absurd design, as the name implies, has a collection of weird illustrations that have an inspiring aura to them. They are like doodles that make no sense, still capable of adding value to the platform they have been used at.
They have both free, and premium membership plan. We don’t say that everything on the site is free. There are limitations. You just have to visit to learn more about them.



This is another interesting site that focuses on the illustrations of people. You just imagine a situation, an ambiance you want to produce in your article, you’d surely get an appropriate image in this site. You could relate to people more with these illustrations.



Drawkit has an interesting collection of customizable SVGs and provides free license to use them commercially. They have both free and paid illustrations. Apart from that, they also provide custom illustrations as per your need at an affordable price.



This is an illustration project by icons8, specially designed for different types of app screens and pages. They have classified illustration in may different categories from 404 to eCommerce they have something for everyone.


IRA Design

IRA design illustration is little different than any other illustration sites, they have plenty of options to customize before downloading the illustrations. You can choose a specific gradient from their site and customize before downloading, all of their illustrations are gradient-based and categorized into different categories.



This open-source illustration/vector library created by an independent designer named Lukaszadam, he designed and hosted these on his site and made open for all. Means, you can do anything you want with his illustrations, no email or registration required, just download and do whatever you want.



Illustratious offers free hi-res royalty free illustrations, suited for websites and applications. The awesome thing about illustratious is their open license, you can use the illustrations in your personal and commercial projects without having to ask their permission. Website is very self explanatory, just explore and download the illustrations.



The reason that this is last on this list is that FreePik is quite famous. It doesn’t require an introduction for people who are in this job for a while.
It is a repository of a huge collection of free and premium images, SVG, and PSDs. There are some big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Spotify use resources from this site that stand as solid proof for the popularity of this site.

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