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Musharof Chowdhury

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Updated on: 1/26/2019

Welcome to LineIcons

As I already mentioned in ProductHunt and IndieHackers, Mainstream icon packs are getting bulky and confusing for end users. I know they have good intentions but, as marketplace curator, I can see the struggle of new developers and designers who want something minimal, easy to use and of course light-weight to optimize loading time.

There is no reason to include thousands of icons if your project needs essential icons only, also life is too short to select icons one by one to generate personalized pack every time depending on project’s need.

I am not opposing the personalized icon pack but, it may be needed depending on situation but, most of the developers/designers wants essential icons to include on project and get started, kinda plug-and-play style. Actually, this is not just only one reason of coming up new icon pack, here are main goals or

Main Goals

Essential Icons Only: LineIcons comes with essential icons only, not a vast collection of unnecessary or unused icons. So, the user can use like the plugin-and-play style, no time on generating icon pack, and loading tons of unused icon files for no reason.

Easy to Use: Yeah, it has to be. As our targeted users are those who like and follow the simplest way. LineIcons provides free CDN for everyone, clear documentation, starter template and helper classless (for sizes, and animations).

Line Style: TBH, I personally like line style and does most of the designers and developers. It gives modern look to user-interfaces at a glance and perfect for long-term design trends.

High Legibility: This was the crucial part, as we followed line style it was important to make icons visible in all major screens in different types of usage/size, not just fancy icons by not thinking from different perceptions, our design team worked very hard to make sure LineIcons highly legible.

100% Free: Last but, not least LineIcons is completely free icon pack you can – use, edit and distribute with personal or commercial projects (no credits required).

Except, distributing/selling from different public/private domains/sources as ‘icons’, ‘icon pack’ etc. LineIcons licensed under CreativeCommons also you can learn more from our license page

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