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Updated on: 8/23/2023

We’re working on Lineicons V4 – Here’s what’s next

I hope you are doing fine and everything going great so far. Yes, you heard it right. We’re working on Lineicons 4.0

This massive update was very much needed to come up with new icons, improve existing ones, enhance the site experience and update everything to keep up with late 2022.

We’ve been working hard for the past few months – adding new icons, fixing or redesigning all existing icons, redesigning the entire site, and improving the overall experience of the site to make Lineicons even more useful for you.

Here are our top upcoming updates that we are especially excited to share with you 💜

✅ Disclaimer: All V3 users will automatically get access to Lineicons V4 You will not need to re-purchase or upgrade your account.

400+ New Icons


It’s been a year of the last update, in the meantime, we have analyzed and listed tons of new icons, that includes new categories (such as web3) and brand icon updates.

If you would like to request a new icon, don’t hesitate to let us know by replying to this email.

Improved All Existing Icons


Redesigned, improved, or fixed all the existing icons to make them more legible for all sorts of use cases and devices. If you would like to share your thoughts, let us know. Love to hear from you!


[More] Powerful Icon Gallery + Editor


We have an entirely reimagined icon gallery + editor which will allow you to do almost all basic icon edit operations you want.

Including – Resize, Weight, and Color edit options and most importantly much-improved Filtering and Search.


Selective Download and Icon Collection

We’re planning to add a selective download option, so you can add icons to your collection on the fly and download them at once without downloading them one by one or downloading the entire package.

This feature will save a lot of time and provide you a better experience while using bulk number of icons with a project.

Redesigned Entire Website

We indeed redesigned the site, here is a sneak peek 😉 that also includes more clear account experience, a documentation portal, and new branding too that gives you positive vibes.

What else do you expect?

If you think, we missed something really important to you. Feel free to get back to us using the site chat bubble or replying to this email. We will get back to you as soon as possible or maybe will try to add on our roadmap.

When will these updates will be deployed?

Sorry but can’t share the specific date of update deployments. But hopefully, at the beginning of November 2022



Musharof – Founder @Lineicons

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