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Updated on: 2/12/2024

PowerPoint Icons, Logos and Symbols – Free Download

Are you looking for free PowerPoint Icons, Logos, and Symbols for your next presentation? Stop right there. We’ve compiled a list of the top-notch icon packs for your slides, all available for free download and use.

PowerPoint is the best tool for professionals, educators, and students When creating engaging and impactful presentations. Its capabilities and user-friendly interface make it a powerful tool for conveying information, ideas, and stories. 

When making a presentation using MS PowerPoint, it’s excellent to use icons, logos, and symbols. It enhances the visual appeal and clarity of your PowerPoint presentations. These are like little images that help make your presentation look better. 

These graphic elements also help you communicate your message effectively and add a professional touch to your slides. 

In this article, we will explore the best PowerPoint icon packs, logos, and symbols and provide you with resources for free downloads to enhance your presentation slides.

Why Use Icons, Logos, and Symbols?

Why to use Icons in Presentation

Visual elements are essential in effective presentations. While words and spoken language remain necessary, including visuals boosts the ability to convey information and make a lasting impression. Icons and symbols are like little images that make your slides look nice.

Here’s why they are fantastic:

  1. Easy to Understand: Icons and logos can easily show ideas and things. For example, a lightbulb can mean “idea,” a checkmark can say “done,” and a magnifying glass icon can represent “search.”
  2. Help You Find Your Way: Logos and symbols can be like signposts in your presentation. They help the audience to focus on what’s important and where to look. For Example, When you use a “back” arrow symbol, it’s clear to your audience that you’re returning to a previous slide.
  3. Make Important Stuff Stand Out: Icons can help you show what’s essential. You put them where you want people to look.
  4. Show Your Brand: If you have a unique logo for your group or company, it’s good to put it in your presentation. This way, people know it’s from you. This is especially important in business and marketing presentations.


Where to Find PowerPoint Icons for Free

We’ve demonstrated the importance of icons, logos, and symbols. You might wonder where to find these icons, logos, and symbols for your PowerPoint presentation slides. However, numerous resources are available that provide free downloads of these elements.  

We have created a list of the best free PowerPoint icon packs. You can download and use it in your presentation for free. Here we go:


LineIcons - HandCrafted SVG Line Icons

LineIcons is the first on this list of free PowerPoint icons. It is the best option for free icons for your next presentation for multiple reasons. 

It provides handcrafted UI icons for all modern user interfaces of web, mobile, and desktop app design and development projects. You can easily find the icons you need for the presentation. You can even change them to fit your style. 

It has over 8,400 icons with different variations. Whether you’re a professional or a student or want to make your PPT look better, LineIcons has icons for you.

You can easily convey ideas, concepts, and data, making your presentations more engaging and informative. In short, LineIcons is one of the best places to find icons online, and they’re easy to use in your PowerPoint presentations.

Download Now

Microsoft PowerPoint icons

MS PowerPoint Access an official collection of Microsoft PowerPoint icons, providing a professional touch to your presentations. The creators of PowerPoint developed it. These icons are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with PowerPoint, making it easy to create creative and impactful slides.

It has a broad category of icons that align with Microsoft’s design standards, making your presentations not only visually appealing but also a consistent look. 

Access Now using the “insert” button for a trusted and authoritative source of icons to enhance your PowerPoint slides.

Download Now

Streamline 3.0

Streamline- Free PowerPoint Icons

Streamline 3.0 is a powerful icon collection tailored for PowerPoint presentations. With an extensive collection of over 12,609 free icons and 24 distinct free icon sets, it offers you a combination of visual resources to boost your slides. These icons are well crafted, providing a perfect balance between visual appeal and functionality.

Streamline 3.0 is designed to help you create engaging slideshows, saving you time and effort. It has icons for all needs, whether you’re preparing business PowerPoint presentations, educational PowerPoint presentations, or creative presentations.

Download Now to enhance your PowerPoint presentation slides.

Download Now

Boxicons  –  Free PowerPoint Icons

BoxIcons - Free SVG Icons

Boxicons is a simple open-source icon carefully crafted for designers & developers. It is also a good resource for PowerPoint icons. It has a good collection of free icons for presentation. The icon pack covers many topics, making it an excellent fit for your PowerPoint slides.

Boxicons will enhance the visual appeal of your PowerPoint presentations and make them more engaging and informative. Download now to boost the impact of your PowerPoint PPT.

Download Now

Feather Icons


Feather Icons is an elegant set of icons designed to enhance the visual appeal of PowerPoint presentations and add a professional touch. 

It has 287 icons divided into eight categories, and these icons are absolutely free. By offering different types, they make it easy for you to find the ones that are the most relevant to your slides. 

So, you can download the icon pack and use these free icons to enhance your PPT. 

Download Now

LinearIcons–  Free PowerPoint Icons


LinearIcons offers a free collection of PowerPoint icons to streamline your presentation design. It has 170 free icons covering different categories. These icons are clean, minimalistic, and highly functional, making them ideal for conveying complex ideas and data clearly and concisely.

Download Now to create a minimalistic PowerPoint slide.

Download Now


Font Awesome - Free SVG Icons

FontAwesome has a comprehensive collection of icons to enhance the visual appeal and clarity of PowerPoint presentations.

It is one of the most popular icon font packs available. FontAwesome covers a wide range of categories, allowing you to find the perfect icons for your content.

It has both free and premium versions, and the free version has more than enough icons for most presentations. Download Now to make your presentations awesome with FontAwesome.

Download Now

Material Icons

Material Symbols - Icons for Slides

Material Icons provide a modern and sleek set of icons to elevate the visual quality of your PowerPoint slides. These icons follow the Material Design principles, ensuring a consistent and appealing visual style for your presentations.

For those of you who don’t know, Material Icons is a popular icon pack gle designs, and i. Download your PowerPoint now for a worldly look.

Download Now

Ionicons–  Free PowerPoint Icons

Ionicons Free Icons

Ionicons offers a free collection of PowerPoint icons designed to make your presentations more engaging and visually appealing. These versatile icons cover many topics, allowing you to find suitable icons for your content.

It is a handcrafted open-source icon pack designed using a simple and minimalist approach, making it ideal for minimalistic PowerPoint presentations. Download Now to enhance the effect of your PPT.

Download Now



Zondicons is a unique collection of PowerPoint icons that can add creativity and uniqueness to your presentations. These icons have a different style and character, making them ideal for adding qualities and originality to your slides.

It is a minimalist icon font pack with a variety of cool icons in different categories, ideal for enhancing your presentations. The icons are available for free; you can use them for personal and commercial purposes. Download now to enhance your PowerPoint PPT with creativity and uniqueness.

Download Now

IconFinder –  Free PowerPoint Icons


IconFinder is a valuable resource for discovering and downloading free PowerPoint icons to improve your presentations. It offers a diverse collection of free icons, making it easy to find the correct graphic elements for your slides.

Download Now to explore various heroes and enhance your PPT.

Download Now

Tips for Using Icons, Logos, and Symbols in PowerPoint

Tips for Using Icons in PowerPoint

While adding icons, logos, and symbols to your PowerPoint presentations can be a game-changer, it’s essential to use them effectively and judiciously. Here are some necessary tips to maximize the impact of these graphic elements:

  1. Maintain Visual Consistency: Choose icons and symbols that align with your presentation’s theme and style. Consistency in using these elements creates a cohesive and professional look throughout your slides. If your presentation has a specific color scheme or design aesthetic, ensure your icons match it.
  2. Keep It Simple: Make sure your slides have enough icons or symbols. It’s crucial to use them appropriately to maintain clarity and prevent overcrowding with too many icons and logos. Use icons to highlight key points or to break up text, making your presentation more visually appealing and more accessible to follow.
  3. Size and Placement: Pay attention to the size and placement of icons. Icons should be big enough to be seen clearly but not so big that they take over your slide. Proper order is essential, as heroes can serve as visual alerts. They should guide the viewer’s eye and help them navigate the content.
  4. Use Color Wisely: Icons and symbols can be used in color or grayscale. Select colors that complement your presentation’s color scheme and help convey the right message. Avoid using colors that clash with your overall design. The goal is to enhance your slides, not to distract from the content.
  5. Test for Clarity: Before finalizing your presentation, preview it and ensure that icons and symbols are easily recognizable and don’t create confusion. If any icon needs to clearly convey its intended message or purpose, consider changing it or seek feedback from colleagues or peers.



In conclusion, PowerPoint icons, logos, and symbols are powerful tools for enhancing your presentations. They assist in conveying complex ideas, organizing content, and supporting branding. With lots of free resources, you can easily find and integrate these elements into your slides.

Use them wisely to keep your presentation neat and understandable and engage your audience effectively. Boost your presentations and make a long-lasting impact with the power of visual communication via icons, logos, and symbols.

Icons, logos, and symbols are great for making your PowerPoint presentations better, So go ahead and explore the resources. 🚀

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