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Published on: 5/1/2021

10 Best Gradient Picking Tools 2021

For the past few years, various types of trends are setting for designing websites. Some are loved by the designers, some not and some are getting popular day by day. The gradient is one of the most popular designs in the website designing world and seems like it’ll stay longer. 

Gradient Tools

The gradient is a gradual change between multiple colors that covers an image. Either you can select it from present colors or customize it as you like. With a gradient tool, you can draw linear, radial, angular, reflected, or diamond gradients. This tool helps you to add layers of depth and also gives you the freedom to create custom colors. You can use gradients anywhere an image might be because they are image data types.

Most designers use gradients as a background element. As exploring new possibilities to produce unique, fresh designs for the audience, Gradients supports the designs to do so. Making your boring designs extraordinary with the combined transition between colors helps you to perform with two-dimensional and three-dimensional features. In fact, you can make your gradient as simple or complex as you like.

If you are looking for any gradient tool for your next project, you came to the right place. Here we put together a list of nine favorite online gradient picking tools. Let us know which one is your favorite.


Grabient is a wonderful and manageable UI for creating web gradients. Unfold has created this tool and extremely flexible. Also, They let you hold full power over the set of gradients in terms of customization. With Gradient, you can change anything like the angle, colores, and even the quantity of displayed color. 


UI Gradients

UI Gradients comes with a handpicked selection of fine color gradients for designers and developers. With all of these great big beautiful gradients, you can copy and paste the hex code or CSS or download a high-res.jpg file of the gradient.  By using GitHub instructions, you can also add a custom gradient to your desired site.  


CSS Gradient

CSS Gradient is a free tool that helps you create a beautiful gradient background for websites. This site offers vivid content about gradients from technical articles to real-life gradient samples like Stripe and Instagram. Also, this site has amazing shades of color for example shades of Blue, Red, and Green. Moreover, the collection of their swatches which is free comes with impressive gradients and color combinations.  


Gradient Hunt

In June 2018, Franco Maldonado who is the founder of Html Colors established Gradient Hunt. This site is a free open collection of beautiful gradients that comes with thousands of various trendy handpicked color gradients. Every day thousands of people are choosing this nicer and better gradient tool. Hunt’s users have created all of these gradients and updated them daily. 



Gradienta is a free collection of multicolor CSS gradients especially crafted for designers and developers. This open-source tool comes with ultra-lightweight, colorful, responsive, and free backgrounds for personal and official use. All the gradients are prepared as CSS codes, SVG, and JPG images and it claims no credit or attribution at all. 


Web Gradients

Web Gradients is a simple yet powerful free project that comes with 180 linear gradients. All these gradients can utilize as content backdrops in every section of the website. Also, these gradients are served in Sketch, PSD, CSS, and PNG formats. Moreover, it helps you to save time with the easy copy option.


Gradients Party

Gradients Party comes with a set of gradients for buttons. This site has some amazing color filters that you can copy CSS with just a  click. You can  also get a pounded Gradient Party with other shapes and elements. Here you can browse gradients and they offer subtle gradient backdrop animations. 


Gradients Guru

Gradients guru comes with a collection of hundred gorgeous gradients. All of these gradients can sort into Cool or strong colors that help you to choose early. Also, they have the feature to rotate the angle of each gradient with a click. Moreover, they have a cool feature called Blend Mode that can help you to use and cover the chosen gradient to any image. 


Egg Gradient

Egg Gradient comes with 200 combinations of gradients that all have a shape of an egg. They have an amazing feature that is the names of their gradients are super cool and unique. Also, the gradients are super easy to use all you have to do is copy and paste the hex code. 

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