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Updated on: 9/27/2020

10 Best Free Icon Font Packs of 2020

Icons can unarguably be called as one of the most crucial elements of graphical user interface. These icons aid you in communicating a vast range of things, all with the use of a single image. However, that said, the entire process of developing as well as designing an icon can be quite taxing and cumbersome.

FontAwesome is widely used and one of the most popular icon font pack available around the web but, there are so many icon packs available on the web for free, high-quality and comes with all essential features you need and can clearly compete with FontAwesome. Even can be better than FontAwesome for specific type usage.

In order to ease your mobile app design or web design process, we have here for you a compiled list of the 12 best icon font packs of 2020 that can be downloaded for free and comes with almost all features FontAwesome have. Some of the icons on this list are generic. However, there are quite a few specific icons as well to meet your particular requirements. Here’s hoping this compiled list of some of the best icon sets/packs saves you some efforts as well as time!

Let’s check them out!



LineIcons is the first on this list of free line icons and for an excellent reason. This line icon has been designed and crafted for designers and developers. It is handcrafted for all kinds of modern user interfaces of Android, Web, Desktop App and iOS projects. LineIcons can definitely be called as a comprehensive yet the simplest free icon pack that is available on the web today.

It is loaded with 2000+ essential icons that come from distinct categories and covers almost every icon you might need for all-inclusive app design and development or web project. In addition to that, it is bundled in two diverse packages – SVG line icons or files and Web Fonts in a scalable format so that you can use it according to your unique requirements. It also offers – Free CDN, clear documentation and starter templates to make it easier to get started.

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Dribble offers the “Feather” that has more than 200 icons that are divided into eight categories, and these icons are absolutely free! By offering these eight categories, they make it easy for you to find the ones that are the most relevant for your project. So, you can download the list and start using these simple line icons to enhance your project.



Codrops offers a free set of simple line icons in a list called Helium. This has almost 100+ icons in SVG, AI and EPS formats. The SVG line icons are easy to adapt and can be used in your projects for the web as well as apps. In addition to that, they also offer icon fonts that are ready-to-use and are made with the help of the IcoMoon App. This set of icons has line icons related to several categories, so it is perfect for your projects.

The set was named “Helium” because of its unique, fine and shading lines that look similar to the glossy metallic balloons that fly in the sky. The icons get a vibrant look because of their thick lines and curves. So, if your project has artsy elements in it, you can definitely use one of the icons from the “Helium.”



Linea is another interesting option if you are looking for free line icons online. It is a free outline icon set that features a staggering 730+ icons.

Thanks to this icon set, you can enjoy a vast range of free icons that belong to a multitude of domains such as weather, arrows, basic elaboration, software, e-commerce, music, basic, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for an icon set that offers you variety, Linea is the way to go!

If you are looking for a complete and comprehensive set of icons that can be used in apps and web design, is the right way forward. The Themify icons consist of 320+ handcrafted and pixel-perfect icons that draw a lot of inspiration from the iOS 7 of Apple. This icon set is 100% free and available for download by the public.

It is also possible to use these icons or distribute them according to your fancy or whatever purpose, commercial or personal. Web designers, as well as developers, can make good use of this icon set and so, it can be definitely be called as an ideal and must-have tool for them.


Elegant Themes Icons

Elegant Themes offers you simple line icons that are the best ones in the web world in modern times. They aim to create some of the most elegant, beautiful and comprehensive icon fonts that are made available on the internet for FREE! They decided to come up with these free icons after they struggled to find relevant line icons for their own projects.

They also keep updating this list as per their needs so that there is a continuous addition to this list. These line icons are GPL 2.0 and MIT licensed and are absolutely free for the use of people.


Streamline 3.0

Streamline can be another great option for simple line icons online. It can easily be known as the largest online icon library. It consists of more than 30,000 icons with three distinct weights. In addition to that, it has a crazy fast workflow in 53 distinct categories. Yes, you read that right! In addition to that, you can choose from a total of 720 subcategories.

With more than 30,00 something icons on offer, it is easy to lose count or get lost in the plethora of icons you can enjoy with Streamline. From user interface to social media, programming, and design, Streamline offers just about everything!



Linearicons is another option you can go for that gives you a wide variety of free simple line icons this year. Amazon CloudFront delivers the free version offered by Linearicons, and this just means that you can commence using icon pack simply by adding nothing more than two lines of code to get things started to your website. There are also different packages on offer that you can choose from according to your requirement such as the Desktop Package.




Dripicons offers you a range of free line icons that can make your life much easier. These icons cover all the basic requirements that people might have for their projects. They have a separate list of line icons for character mapping and then another one for CSS mapping. You can directly download the list of these icons from the website as per the needs of your projects.

You can select from a massive list of simple line icons that can be a lifesaver. You can use the ones that are relevant to you without spending too much time on creating new ones as per your requirements. This list is bound to have the ones that will be useful to you for your projects.



If you are looking for some web fonts or line icons for your project and do not have the time to make some customized ones, Tonicons offers you the right solutions. Tonicons offers you free SVG line icons that can be of great use to web developers and designers. The best thing about this list of simple line icons is that they can easily be used for your web projects as well as apps.

All the fonts available on the website can be downloaded easily. They also have an easy-to-use guide that gives you step-by-step information about how to use the CSS and icons given in the zip file. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything when you download the list of icons from Tonicons. You will definitely be able to use it in the best possible way for your projects and enhance them.


UXPin Icon Set

UXPin offers a diverse set of line icons to enhance your projects. They offer more than 80 free icons that can be downloaded directly from their website. One of the special features of these icons is that they are in a single shape so you can easily scale them up or down without degrading their overall quality. So, you don’t have to stick to just one size.

You get some additional file formats as well apart from PDF and AI files. These are SVG, PNG, PSD as well as FONT. Moreover, you also have the option to access the light and bold options in addition to the regular weights that are available with UXPin. There are some diverse and beautiful sets of designs available in the form of line icons that are bound to serve the purpose of your project.


If you are designing a web-based project or an app-based project, this list of free line icons will come in handy for you. It has everything you could possibly want from line icons and has also got all niches covered so you will not have any difficulty in finding the right one for you!

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